Raytek Industries has been selling and dealing with Field Line for over seven years. The Field Line brand is a brand that sells itself. A well-known brand that offers its clients quality and precise equipment, Raytek Industries is happy to partner with them. The Field Line Combination Forage Cart and 1000RPM Forage Blower are available for you to have shipped, installed and serviced by Raytak Industries. Raytek brings this USA brand to Ontario to help raise the standard for local farmers.

Raytek Industries has been selling and dealing with Horning for over twenty years. They have been providing revolutionary equipment built on durability and dependable quality. Horning offers a large variety of harvesting solutions for those who are looking for the best. From High-Performance Forage Heads to Compact Roller Mills, Horning provides only high-quality equipment. Raytek Industries is happy to provide you with this brand in our product line-up. Be sure to give us a call.

Our Raytek Corn Processor is a new innovative high capacity roller mill for large livestock farming operations. The goal is to help you maximize the nutritional value of your livestock feed. Multiple roll tooth configurations allow you to process anything from corn silage to small grains. Complete with a hydraulic drive, hand winch, hydraulic fold, 1000 RPM drive, blower, powerful belt for high capacity rolls and a convenient roll gap adjustment with a built-in wrench. Get the full value of each corn kernel.